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» Lyngen Alps Norway

                                                                  FROM 2790€*(**)




DATE 2021



10th - 17th April -



- Private group: notify us of your preferred dates.


*Price per person based on a private group of 10 skiers.

** Depending on boat availability.






The Lyngen Alps and the fjords in the north of Norway are pure areas of calm and poetry. Discover this Nordic oasis, bathed in the breeze of the Gulf Stream.


Within the Arctic Circle, we will seek out summits surging up from the marine depths. Bald eagles and dolphins will accompany us whilst we cruise. At night, the aurora borealis will light our way.


Each day we will explore new slopes rising above the fjords to discover ever-changing landscapes. Starting at sea level, we will climb to 800 metres or up to 1600 metres vertically, depending on your wishes and physical capacity!


Light virgin snow will take us from the paradise of the snow-fields to the edge of the sea where, at the heart of the charming villages of painted wooden houses, our vessel awaits us at the dock.


(Click here and enjoy the 2012 galery)


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DAY 1: Saturday - Tromsø - afternoon -

Welcome at the airport and transfer to the port and boat. After boarding, a welcome drink awaits, we will get to know each other and finalise our programme. The same evening we will set sail for the Lyngen Alps visible on the other side of the fjord. Sunday to Friday routes will take place in the Lyngen Alps.


DAYS 2 to 7: Skiing

Between the sea and the mountains! Every day the boat will take us to the foot of one of the summits, which ring the fjord on which we sail. After a comfortable night on board, you will leave the boat in the morning, onto a jetty or directly on to the beach, and leave to conquer the virgin slopes.


As the snow does not transform during the day, we do not need to set off in the middle of the night. We can ski all day, from morning until evening. After a copious buffet breakfast, we leave for the mountains going up to altitudes of 800 to 1700 metres.


At the end of the ski day’s, we will serve you a generous filling snack, allowing you to keep going until the evening meal. In general, the journey by boat from one ski area to the next takes place at the end of the afternoon. Our cabin is protected from bad weather. Every evening we will be at dock or in a harbour so that you can make the most of a hot shower and rejuvenating sleep, our mobile base camp offers warmth and comfort necessary to keep you happy.


On the last day, once your skis have been put away, we will celebrate the end of our trip together on board or on land, according to our programme; Friday being party day in Scandinavian countries.


DAY 8: Saturday - Tromsø

You disembark after breakfast then transfer to Tromsø airport.





This safari is accessible to skiers from level 3 to 5. Click here to identify your skiing level.





9V GUIDE : Registered professional mountain guide UIAGM or specialist ski instructor.


BOAT*: 7 nights full board on a confortable boat, breakfast, after ski snack and diner included.

Central heating system set at 20°C.


*We can charter a sailing boat or a yacht depending on your wishes and the availabilities at the moment of the booking. Every boats have a heated cupboard for skiing gears, skins, gloves and boot-liners... 


CABIN : 5 double cabin with shower, bunk beds or double bed.


ON BOARD : 2 paddle board + 2 kayak, fishing kit


BATHROOM : 1 to 3 toilets / showers (depending on the boat). 


LINEN : Bed linen (duvet, duvet cover, pillow) towels ar enot provided.


LAUNCH : Dinghy to access small beachies.


TRANSPORT : Taxi from/to airport


SAFETY EQUIPMENT : Shovel, avalanche probe and avalanche beacon supplied to each member of the group for the entire week. Must be worn under your jacket and turned on at all times whilst skiing. Bring your own if you have them.





RESCUE INSURANCE : Compulsory for all trips in Europe, even those based in resorts. Covers mountain rescue, transportation to nearest hospital etc. Contact us for more info.


TRAVEL INSURANCE : (check your credit card policy): Optional cancellation insurance or interruption due to accident and repatriation. Highly recommended as any extra costs will be at your charge if not insured. Payment by credit card, Visa Premier, or Gold MasterCard may provide cancellation insurance.




SNACKS : Take with you some energy bar, dry fruits or chocolat bar to keep your energy high on the mountain.


DRINKS: Beers can be baught on board, bring some bottles or wine or anything else !


SKI TOURING EQUIPMENT : For ultimate comfort and fun, bring a pair of skis with light touring bindings and skins. Ski touring boots are necessary.


AIRLINE TICKETS: You are responsible to buy Domestic and international flights.



GROUP EQUIPMENT (provided by 9V)


SAFETY EQUIPMENT: Including shovel, avalanche probe and avalanche beacon. Must be worn at all times off-piste. If you have your own, please bring it with you and let us know on the booking form.


SAFETY AND RESCUE EQUIPMENT: Each guide will have everything necessary in his rucksack to ensure the safety of his group (radio or mobile phone, first aid kit, tools for repair, space blanket, rope, shovel, avalanche probe…) The guide may ask you to carry such equipment in your rucksack. If you are an experienced mountaineer with your own equipment, bring it with you.





TOURING SKIS: 9V guides use and recommend freerando skis (about 100mm maximum under the foot); they make deep snow fun, allow you to carve on hard snow, are light enough when used with Dynafit lowtech touring bindings to go uphill with skins and enjoy the skiing down.


BAGGAGE: Please travel light! Make sure that your luggage is practical and easy to pack and carry.


RUCKSACK (35L) for daily necessities. Inside your pack you should have:

-Sunglasses and goggles with anti-fog orange lenses for bad weather.

-Scarf or neck warmer to protect against wind, cold, sun or powder.

-High protection sun screen for lips and face.

-Foil blanket in case of accident.

-Spare gloves.

-Drinks, dried fruit, nuts, chocolate, muesli bars…

-Shovel and probe (bring your own if you have them).


TECHNICAL EQUIPMENT: Skins, ski crampons, harnais*.

*We can provide you with harnest, please mention this on the booking form.


CLOTHING: Most of the time you will be in skiwear. At any time of the season, weather can be sunny and warm or bitterly cold, windy, snowy or rainy. If properly equipped, you will enjoy the skiing, whatever the weather. We ski in all conditions. Plan to take extra clothing in your rucksack each day, which will allow you to adapt to changes in temperature and weather. Temperature varies with altitude, about 10°C per 1000 metres, therefore the difference in temperature between the valley and the summit will be about 20°C, possibly more with wind chill.


IN THE EVENINGS: Bring slippers, dry change of clothes to go onshore and a warm jacket.




PLANE: International flight to Oslo (OSL). Domestic flight to Tromsø (TOS).

SAS (Scandinavian Airlines) propose a ski carriage price of 25€ (special baggage).







- - - WINTER 2021 - - -



Powder skiing tour

17th to 25th January

 4 places available

26th Jan to 3rd February 

open to snowboarders

  6 places available

4th to 12th February

 6 places available

(Click here for detailed info)




powder skiing tour 

10th to 17th January 

   17th to 24th January 

24 to 31st January 

  6 places available 

2nd to 9th February 

 6 places available

14th to 21st March

 6 places available 



Powder skiing tour

24 to 02 February 

 6 places available

02 to 11 February 

 6 places available



star powder skiing based in Landry 

   1st to 8th March 

 5 places available 



ski touring trip

   10th to 17th April 

 10 places available 




heliskiing trip 

 10th to 17th April 2021 

4 places available




ski touring trip

   23rd to 30th April 

 4 places available 






More informations? Call Misha or (Click here to send an e-mail)

Last minute

 - - - - SPRING 2020- - - -



23rd to 30th April
5 places

Contact us to find out+





+33(0)4 79 24 30 94


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