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Les Papys Riders de La Mongie


Bonjour Misha,


Nous avons passé une excellente semaine dans les Dolomites.


-Rien a dire sur l'organisation (accueil à l'Hôtel, présentation du guide, hébergement et activité ski comme annoncé) bravo 9Vallees !


-Hôtel impeccable, très propre, restauration très correcte et management sinon chaleureux compréhensif (nous avons pu, sans supplément de prix, consommer notre vin a table).


-Mention spéciale pour le guide italien Alberto "Albi" qui a impressionné tout le groupe par son professionnalisme, son intelligence, ses facultés d'adaptation, ses efforts pour parler un français tout à fait correct, et surtout sa capacité a proposer les bons runs en fonction du temps, de l'état de la neige et des conditions physiques et psychologiques des papys... Et nous ne parlerons pas des bons moments partagés autour d'apéros et de sympathiques repas.


Globalement nous sommes conscients d'avoir bénéficié de conditions particulières (neige poudreuse et beau temps) dans un cadre unique par ses dimensions et sa beauté, mais nous savons apprécier à sa juste valeur l'organisation dans son choix des prestations et des hommes.


Salutations poudreuses et amicales des Papys Riders de La Mongie.



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Mike Trabert – Salt Lake City, Utah


I Love 9 Vallees! 

I have been skiing with them for over 10 years. I have had nothing but amazing adventures on the various safaris they offer. Skiing in and around famous resorts as well as in and out of beautiful mountain villages, eating at fantastic local restaurants, and staying in cozy, quaint hotels, gives you a real taste for what skiing in the Alps is all about. The 9 Vallees guides are highly skilled and experienced and they are extremely adept at finding their clients the best powder on the mountain. They have done it for me every year. If you want a truly unique adventure that will give you a first-hand feel for skiing and life in the Alps, 9 Vallees is the group for you.

I can’t wait for my next trip! 




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Camilla Sachs - Danemark


A ski safari is much than your ordinary ski trip.

It’s an adventure, where you, in the course of a varying number of days, travel around a whole mountain area. You use the lifts to ascend, but you rarely use the pistes to descend. On the ski safari, you have your own private mountain guide, and the group consists of maximum 7 people plus the guide.


The safaris can be of different difficulty, so you don’t have to be an expert skier, but you should be used to all kind of snow conditions, since the conditions vary greatly, and good physical condition is mandatory. It’s possible to climb a shorter distance using skins on the skis, to reach something a bit further away from the lift system.


The accommodations are usually smaller, but very nice hotels, often a small distance away from the major resorts, and the luggage is transferred for you, so there is only need for a day backpack.


Me (47 years), and my husband (56 years), have travelled many times with 9Vallées (first time in 1988) and we have had some unforgettable trips. Our latest trip was week 4, 2013, on their Tarentaise ski safari. It was a fantastic week with vast amounts of fresh snow.


One of the highlights was an over-night stay in a mountain reserve hut, where it was only us and nature. At all times, we felt secure outside the piste, with security equipment and guidance from our experienced and super nice guide, Fred. Skiing from half past eight in the morning until half past five in the late afternoon, our physical and mental limits were put to a test. Even though we were granted a lunch break at a local restaurant, there was definitely no desire for any late nights at the bar! One advantage, though, is that anyone who wants an extra break has the possibility, since we are often close to a piste. In that way, it doesn’t disturb others in the group, who might want to ski non-stop. The disadvantage with a fantastic ski safari is that once you have tried it, it’s very difficult to be satisfied with a normal ski trip again!


If you would like to try something different and challenging, and cherish nature experiences and skiing more than long breaks and after-ski, you will definitely love a ski safari!





- - - - HIVER 2021- - - - 




Ski Safari itinérant

   17 au 25 janvier 

 4 places dispo

26 janvier au 3 février

6 places dispo

(ouvert aux snowboarders)

4 au 12 février

6 places dispo

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Ski Safari itinérant 

17 au 24 janvier 

6 places dispo 

24 au 31 janvier 

 6 places dispo 

   31 au 07 février 

 6 places dispo

 28 au 06 mars  

6 places dispo

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Ski Safari itinérant

24 au 02 février 

 6 places dispo

02 au 11 février 

 6 places dispo




Ski Safari Etoile base Landry 

13 au 20 mars 

 6 places dispo  

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Safari étoile et Freerando 

15 au 23 mars

3 places dispo - départ garanti

(Cliquez ici pour en savoir +)




Ski de rando

   10 au 17 avril 2021

 7 places dispo 




Séjour héliski 

 10 au 17 avril 2021 

4 places dispo - départ garanti

(Cliquez ici pour en savoir +)




Ski de rando 

   23 au 30 avril 

 4 places dispo 





Séjour héliski

 ouvert du 15 janvier au 15 mai 

(Cliquez ici pour en savoir +)





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Last minute

- - PRINTEMPS  2020 - -


Bateau et ski de rando

23 au 30 avril 2020

  (Contactez-nous pour en savoir+)


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